Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament

Diameter: 1.75mm 0.5kg
Sale price$523.05


Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament contains 92-95% metal and has a density of 7.8g/cc. This metal filament enables any Fused Filament Fabrication printer to produce metal objects.

What you'll need to print:
* An FFF/FDM 3D printer
* Stainless or hardened steel nozzle sized at 0.6mm

* Blue painters tape for your print bed. Glue sticks also work on glass print beds

What you'll need to debind & sinter:
Sintering trials have not been conducted on this material.   Most applications use the printed parts without sintering.

Slicer Setup: Start with a basic PLA profile for your printer. Change the nozzle temperature to 210°C (410°F) and tune in the range of 190-230°C (374/446°F). Optionally, set the print bed to 40-50°C (104-122°F). Set the flow rate to 135%. Adjust settings from there as needed.

Tip: Put a layer of blue painters tape on the print bed. Filamet™ has great adhesion to the bed.

Nozzle: 0.6mm or larger, hardened steel.

Spool Placement: Reducing friction and pull on Filamet™ during printing is important. Try hanging the filament spool just above the printer.

Note: Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament does not require the use of a FilaWarmer.

As a test of printing parameters, a 1cm cube should weigh the same as the density number printed on the spool label.

Eliminate tooling and machining costs for short run manufacturing, prototyping, and one-off metal part needs.

Note: All sales final except in cases of defective product.

Made In America

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