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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
Sintering Carbon 0.5kg
The Virtual Foundry Filawarmer
High Carbon Iron Filamet 0.5kgHigh Carbon Iron Filamet 0.5kg
Inconel 718 Filamet 0.5kg
Stainless Steel 316L Filamet 0.5kgStainless Steel 316L Filamet 0.5kg
Copper Filamet 0.5kgCopper Filamet 0.5kg
FireX Sintering KilnFireX Sintering Kiln
Silicon CarbideSilicon Carbide
H13 Tool SteelH13 Tool Steel
40 Mesh Sieve 6"
60 Mesh Sieve 6"
The Virtual Foundry Sintering KilnThe Virtual Foundry Sintering Kiln
Titanium 64-5 Filamet 0.25kgTitanium 64-5 Filamet 0.25kg
Stainless Steel 17-4 Filamet 0.5kgStainless Steel 17-4 Filamet 0.5kg
Aluminum FilametAluminum Filamet
The Virtual Foundry Aluminum Filamet
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